Would Uncle Roger approve Taiwanese egg fried rice?

Taiwanese egg fried rice (Screenshot taken from the video)

TAIPEI (The China Post) — Terry, a Taiwanese YouTuber, recently demonstrated how he makes his own version of Taiwan famous egg fried rice.

The entertaining video has accumulated more than 4.5 million views with even Uncle Roger himself calling it “professional.”

Malaysian influencer Uncle Roger has become a professional critic of the egg fried rice recipe after reviewing the work of BBC chef Hersha Patel, British chef Jamie Oliver and Gordon Ramsay. 

Fans expressed wishes that he would comment on the Taiwanese egg fried rice one day. Surprisingly, Uncle Roger was paying attention and eventually left a comment under the video. 

His comment read: “Wow this man is professional. Everything perfect.”

Uncle Roger’s comment read: “Wow this man is professional. Everything perfect.” (Screenshot taken from the video)

To begin with, the chef skillfully whisked the eggs, then added onions and scallions and stirred them together. 

Then, he poured the leftover rice into the wok and showcased the exceptional food-tossing skills. 

The man in the video showcased professional food-tossing skills. (Screenshot taken from the video)

Next, he added salt, seasonings and the fragrant fried rice which was ready to be poured into the wok. 

Last but not least, the chef turned on the heat again, and poured the whisked egg mixture with shrimp and scallions into the wok and stir-fried them, creating a perfect omelet along the way. 

In response to Uncle Roger’s comment, many said, “We need Uncle Roger to react to this video,” while another commented that he should be teaching Jamie Oliver how to cook egg fried rice. 

Eventually, someone noted: “Uncle Roger approved this Fried Rice.” 


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