Social media users heap praise on Taipei illustration

Elijah Toledo's drawing on Taipei scene (Courtesy of Elijah Toledo)

TAIPEI (The China Post) — An illustration depicting a street corner in Taipei has been trending on the online forum Reddit.  

The black and white draw features a pedestrian arcade, sheet metal houses, air conditioners hanging on the walls, and some 7-Eleven signs hanging high, perfectly depicting everyday Taipei scenes. 

From these small details, many assumed that the creator lived in Taiwan for some time, but this is not the case.

The Filipino artist shares his inspiration for creating this drawing with The China Post. Having visited Taiwan only once, he has captured a daily life that everyone in Taiwan can relate to through his detailed observations. 

The artist’s name is Elijah Toledo. When he and his family traveled to Taiwan last October, he was fascinated by the country’s architecture and culture as they visited Shifen and Jiufen.

Elijah Toledo traveled to Taiwan last October (Courtesy of Elijah Toledo)

“The food was delicious and people were kind and helpful,” the artist said, adding that he has been to Hong Kong and Malaysia too, but so far he thinks Taiwan is the best place. 

Asked about his inspiration for his work, Toledo explained that when he came to Taipei, he found it very convenient that there were 7-Elevens everywhere, and that the snacks they sold were delicious.    

“Taiwan is like a mix of Japan and China for me. I’ve been wanting to go back there!” 

Elijah Toledo traveled to Taiwan last October (Courtesy of Elijah Toledo)

Toledo’s illustration has created a buzz, with foreign social media users sharing their impressions of Taiwan.  

One said: “As a foreigner in Taiwan I navigated by 7-Eleven locations,” while another wrote, ” I love your drawings. It reminds me of my boyfriend years ago in Taipei.” 

Another commented, “I noticed these in Taiwan last year in Taichung too but they were always blocked by parked scooters haha.” 

One of the users said the illustration captures the vibe with some elements including ever-present 7-Elevens, lots of A/C units, and illegal metal 4th-floor building or roof for shade or maybe leaks on 3. 

In addition, some users suggested that adding some scooters in the picture would be even better.