Meet KamchAI — Your mechanical tea barista

TAIPEI (The China Post) — Milk tea, known locally as ‘nai cha’ and in gen-z lexicon, ‘boba,’ is a longstanding beverage of Taiwanese origins. In recent years, it has risen to popularity and can be found in small drink stalls around the world.

However, the shortage of milk tea masters could stifle innovative ways to preserve this traditional beverage.

In an age of automation, KamchAI presents a solution to this shortage.

It is the first-ever milk tea robot in Hong Kong that can simultaneously make 9 cups of milk tea.

Not only is this mechanical barista functional for 24 hours a day, but it also contains customized settings for milk preferences.

Most importantly, it has collected data from many milk tea masters in order to simulate different masters’ ways of pouring tea, thereby preserving the essence of tea flavor.

However, this versatile machine has its drawbacks.

KamchAI is an expensive investment and requires serious installation due to its large size.

Now, the company is looking to reduce the size of KamchAI to that of a human being.

This piece of equipment does have promising potential: it becomes more cost-efficient than hiring a human being after 1-2 years and preserves the authentic milk tea aroma millions have come to love and enjoy.