Bask in moonlight at Jioujhihze Hot Spring this fall

Photos courtesy of @bei_jhu/Instagram

TAIPEI (The China Post) — As the Mid-Autumn Festival draws near, everyone is busy planning to make the best of the 4-day long weekend.

In addition to BBQ, you can head to Yilan County’s Jioujhihze Hot Spring located in Taipingshan and enjoy a relaxing bath as well as delicious hot spring-cooked food to welcome the cooler weather of the fast-approaching fall season.

Photo courtesy of @das.9527/Instagram

The Jioujhihze Hot Springs is located in Taipingshan National Forest Recreation Area in Datong Township, Yilan County.

After having worked hard for six days straight, you should head over to enjoy a deep cleanse of your body and relax in nature’s embrace.

Photos courtesy of @rayray1110 (left) and @msmsapple (right)/Instagram

There are two types of hot springs in Jioujhihze: the outdoor hot spring and the outdoor nude hot spring.

For the outdoor hot spring where bathing suits are required, there are several huge, individual “stone hot springs” in the area which fit about one adult per stone.

The water temperatures in each of the stones are slightly different, so you can choose the ones you like best, bask under the moonlight and enjoy some peaceful, quiet alone-time.

Photos courtesy of @aiwei_o (left) and @msmsapple (right)/Instagram

The open-air hot springs with the beautiful green mountains in the background are also a popular spot for many social media influencers. 

After soaking in the hot springs, you can also take a stroll along the Jianqing Huaigu Trail in the Park. By following the path, you can immerse yourself into nature and get a glimpse into the past. 

The best place to take photos at the Taipingshan Jianqing Huaigu Trail is most definitely the old moss-covered railway tracks.(圖/@wynnchang提供/Instagram)

There is also a small drawbridge that hangs between a valley which makes for the best photo when the fog is thick, providing a dreamlike quality to the picture.

How to get there | Taipingshan National Forest Recreational Area: No. 58-1, Taiping Ln., Datong Township, Yilan County 267, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
Fees: NT$200 on weekends for adults and NT$150 on weekdays
Jioujhihze Hot Springs Fees: NT$250 during winter seasons (Oct. to March)