31st Golden Melody | Wu Qing-feng wins Best Mandarin Male Vocalist Award

Taiwanese singer Wu Qing-feng (吳青峰), right, who won Best Mandarin Male Vocalist for his first solo album “Spaceman” pose for a photograph alongside Taiwanese singer and songwriter Waa Wei (魏如萱) who won the Best Female Mandarin Vocalist Award. (NOWnews/The China Post)

TAIPEI (The China Post/ANN) – Taiwanese singer Wu Qing-feng (吳青峰) won Best Mandarin Male Vocalist for his first solo album “Spaceman” (太空人) at the 31st Golden Melody Awards in Taipei Saturday.

In a slightly controversial acceptance speech, Wu is also the lead singer of “Oaeen,” the new name of renowned Taiwanese band Sodagreen, thanked his family, friends and band members, before taking a moment to thank himself.

“I would also like to be selfish and thank myself for not being beaten down. I would like to thank myself for continuing to sing as if my life depended on it,” Wu said.

Why? Last year was a special year for him, he said as he returned to his music career following a two-year hiatus and time-off to redefine himself as “a singer.”

“Thank you for not being knocked down, thank you for continuing to sing and sing with my life, you worked hard,” he continued.

Wu recalled how he was once told, to “never stop believing in people,” which was the reason why he was able to get back on his feet after his band bagged five awards, including best Mandarin Album, for their 10th studio album “Winter Endless” at the Golden Melody Awards in 2016.