Video of ‘un-unionized’ cute MRT driver becomes viral

Photo courtesy of u/CanInTW/Reddit

TAIPEI (The China Post) — Taiwan’s MRT is often lauded among foreigners for its punctuality, cleanliness and smooth driving. As most people are occupied with their own schedules when taking the MRT though, how many actually know who is behind the wheel?

On this note, a video of a blond child riding the Taipei MRT Brown Line has recently received widespread attention as his parents jokingly claimed that the MRT has replaced drivers with “un-unionized 4-year-olds.”

Taipei MRT replaces Brown Line drivers with non-unionised four-year-olds from taiwan

In the video, the child can be seen holding onto the bars at the very front car of the MRT brown line which overlooks the tracks.

As the brown line is a medium-capacity rail system, it’s car design is a bit different from other lines. It has operated without a “driver” since its inception.

However, this doesn’t take away the fun of the video as many foreigners flocked to the comment section to jokingly say, “He’s doing such a good job, and he’s not protected by the union? That’s preposterous!”

The parents then answered, “I for one, am disgusted,” while others chimed in writing, “4-year-olds are stealing our jobs!” and “Immigrants nonetheless!”

Reddit users also poked fun at the “tattoo” inked on the child’s hand, claiming that the “new driver” must be part of the underground as the inking is a “dead giveaway”.

The funny video has also led many to reminisce about their childhood when they would also sit in front of the train car to pretend to be the train conductor.

When a Reddit user commented that this is the “best, low-cost child entertainment in Taipei”, people were quick to agree, with one user replying, “As a former child, I agree.”