Taiwan new electronic IDs to be available in July 2021: MOI

Photo courtesy of the Ministry of the Interior

TAIPEI (The China Post) — Taiwan’s new Electronic ID cards (eID) will be released in July next year, more than one year behind schedule because of the pandemic, Minister of Interior Hsu Kuo-yung (徐國勇) said on Monday.

Speaking in a meeting on Monday, Hsu pointed out that the Internal Administration Committee (立法院內政委員會) plans to carry out small-scale trial replacement operations from January to June 2021 in Penghu County, Hsinchu, and New Taipei.

Meanwhile, Hsu stressed that the new system will undergo integration testing, website-vulnerability scanning, penetration and pressure testing, as well as a “bounty hunter” competition.

The “targeted attacks” and tests on the new eID chips and APIs should be beneficial in strengthening information-security preparations before the full replacement, the minister explained.

Hsu added that the eID chip’s operating system and information products will comply with international security standards and the card production process has been entrusted to a central printing plant.

The plant will print the cards, equipped with chips were produced by TSMC (台積電), at a secure location under the supervision of the Ministry of the Interior (內政部).