Foreigner puts short-lived Taiwan banknotes in perspective

An old NT$50 banknote perfectly aligned with the Central Bank of Taiwan. (Photo courtesy of @IB-45/Reddit)

TAIPEI (The China Post) — A Reddit user known for photographing Taiwan banknotes alongside their real-life scenery counterparts has done it again, only this time, he featured a bill from the past.

The front and back of the NT$50 banknote. (Photo courtesy of @IB-45/Reddit)

The Reddit user, nicknamed @IB-45, posted a photo of a NT$50 bill that was released in 1999 next to the Central Bank of Taiwan (中央銀行), aligning them perfectly. 

According to the expatriate, the banknote was released in the late 1990s to “celebrate the 50th anniversary of the release of the New Taiwan Dollar.” 

Reddit user @IB-45 previously captured the NT$100 bill at Chung-shan Hall at Taipei Yangmingshan. (Photo courtesy of @IB-45/Reddit)

He added that it was the only plastic banknote ever issued in Taiwan.

The author also shared a photo of a NT$1,000 bill taken from the North Peak of Mountain Jade, which sparked a heated discussion at the time. (Courtesy of @IB-45/Reddit)

The picture has since garnered enthusiastic responses from locals and foreigners alike, with some claiming that as a Taiwanese, even they didn’t know that NT$50 came in the bill form.

The Reddit user, nicknamed @IB-45 previously shared another picture of a NT$200 Taiwan bill alongside the Presidential Office Building. (Courtesy of @IB-45/Reddit)

The NT$50 banknote marks the fourth documentation of Taiwan bills from the photographer, with his previous being NT$100, NT$1000 and NT$200 banknotes.