Can you point to missing ‘Taiwanese classics’ from foreigner’s playlist?

A-Yue (left), Wu Bai (center) and Stefanie Sun (right)/Photo courtesy of Facebook

TAIPEI (The China Post) — Music can transport you through space and time. With this observation in mind, a social media user recently shared on Reddit his personal Spotify playlist incorporating past and present Taiwanese hits.


The Reddit user and his friends explained that they are trying to compile a list of classic Taiwanese music, and added that it’s something they have been doing for every country in the world. 


Accordingly, they have compiled songs from about 140 countries so far, and their aim is to “cover a little of everything, like a quick tour of the country over the last 70 years.” 


The post quickly garnered the attention of Taiwanese music enthusiasts who gave numerous suggestions of artists to include in the Spotify list.


Among other highlights, EggPlantEgg (茄子蛋) was a top suggestion, while some requested A-Yue (張震嶽), A-Mei (張惠妹), Wu Bai (伍佰), and Stefanie Sun (孫燕姿) as must-listen artists. 

Another Reddit user exclaimed his indignation that “Friends” (朋友) by Wakin Chau (周建華) was not included in the original list.

In response to remarks from others that the music list may be too heavily focused on “recent” hits, the original social media user explained that for most countries, they do attempt to “add a reasonable mix of decades, sexes and genres.”

“But with Taiwan, I had a big problem with translation as most of the information was in Mandarin,” he added. That’s the  reason why they reached out to the Taiwanese community and asked, “local people to help fill in the gaps.” 

Most of the suggestions made by social media users have now been added to the playlist. Please check here for more information