Fans reminisce about King of Pop’s visit to Kaohsiung in 1996

Photos courtesy of @michaeljackson/Twitter

TAIPEI (The China Post) — As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to wreak havoc our daily lives, it’s more than natural that one should reminisce about the “good old days.” 

Such nostalgia extends globally as Michael Jackson’s official Twitter account tweeted on Tuesday that this October marks the 24th anniversary of Michael Jackson’s visit to Kaohsiung, Taiwan’s “Home Without Barriers”.

According to the tweet, Michael Jackson was on his “HIStory” tour in Taiwan when he went by the hospital, which is home to disadvantaged children. 

Photo courtesy of @v_SUPERFLY_v/Twitter

For the occasion, Jackson spent time with the children, played with them, offered them small gifts, and even gave out some concert tickets.

Photo courtesy of @michaeljackson/Twitter

Chinese-language media reported back then that Michael Jackson also participated in casting his handprints on canvas which he kindly signed with his initials “M.J.” The handprint along with the signature was then placed in a hall in the hospital.

The tweet has since garnered 35,000 likes with many commenting “A true angel that God sent us”, “RIP Michael Jackson, the greatest humanitarian and artist of all time” and “We love you and miss you!” 

Photo courtesy of @v_SUPERFLY_v/Twitter

The late pop star was known for his humanitarian work and the establishment of the “Heal The World Foundation” in 1992, aimed towards aiding children and the environment.