Filtered photo of Taiwan actor Eddie Peng in Penghu goes wrong

Photo courtesy of 爆廢公社/Facebook)

TAIPEI (The China Post) — A lucky fan, who recently posted an ecstatic photo of him with Taiwan movie star, Eddie Peng (彭于晏), in Penghu, was met with skepticism from social media users as the camera filter altered the star’s face beyond recognition. 

The post, which was shared on a Facebook group on Monday, featured a local man with his dog happily posing with the Taiwanese actor. 

The man captioned the photo saying, “I can now die with no regrets! As a local from Penghu, to be able to meet my hero (Eddie Peng) and take a picture with him is the greatest thing ever.” 

Photo courtesy of Eddie Peng’s Instagram

However, social media users were extremely confused after seeing the photo as at first glance, the star didn’t even look like himself.

Later, others pointed out in the comment section that the distortion was most likely due to the camera’s filter.

Facebook users also poked fun at the photo, with some commenting, “Maybe you could tone down the filter a bit?”, while others confirmed that it was indeed Eddie Peng as he had been documenting his trip to Penghu via Instagram lately.

Eddie Peng in Penghu. (Photo courtesy of Eddie Peng’s Instagram)