Alien Huang’s sister unveils memorial tattoos on back of ears

Huang Ting-ting posted photos to Instagram on Monday, showing her new memorial tattoos on the back of her ears. (Courtesy of Huang Ting-ting and Alien Huang/Instagram)

TAIPEI (The China Post) — Huang Ting-ting (黃婷婷), the younger sister of late Taiwan singer Alien Huang (黃鴻升) posted photos to Instagram on Monday in which she unveiled two memorial tattoos made on the back of her ears.   

The red heart on the back of her left ear is surrounded by two numbers 1983 and 2020, which are the birth and passing years of the popular singer and actor.

The yellow smiley face located behind her right ear has a special meaning too.

“A smiley face is a reminder to be happy and joyful in my work, while a loving heart is a reminder to always be kind,” she explained.

The tattoos on the back of Huang Ting-ting’s ears include a heart and a smiley. (Courtesy of Hung Ting-ting / Instagram)

“I’ve taken them with me to remind me to become someone like you,” Ting-ting wrote to her brother in heaven.  

Alien Huang often had his nails painted with the two icons, a loving heart and a yellow smiley face, that are now tattooed on his sister’s skin.