Taipei night scenes win praise from social media users

Taipei night scene (Courtesy of Victor Laforteza and Nial Stewart)

TAIPEI (The China Post) — The startling lights of the city against the darkness of the night are a favorite of social media users. For foreigners visiting Taiwan for the first time, Taipei at night is always a chance to capture romantic moments of indescribable beauty.  

Taipei 101, one of the must-see attractions in Taiwan, is a favorite of photographers.

A recent photo, “Gotham City,” published to Reddit by @u/sonyalpha7mark3 is a brilliant example. It shows part of the towering Taipei 101, covered with fog, reminiscent of the atmosphere of the American action crime drama television series “Gotham.” 

The photo was named “Gotham” (Courtesy of Victor Laforteza)

Another one by Nial Stewart shows someone riding a heavy motorcyclist in a raincoat on a rainy night in Taipei, with some neon signs in the background. 

The person who took the photo said that the bright LED signs and neon lights on a rainy day in Taipei caught his eye. He added that he wanted to be true to what he saw and he truly left social media users in awe at his photography skills.  

A motorcyclist was at the center of the photo. (Courtesy of Nial Stewart)

Another photo that was taken by the same photographer at the same street corner shows three pedestrians crossing the tiny Taipei street in style, creating a harmonious scene. 

The LED signboards illuminate the street and add layers of colors to the Taipei night. 

The photo shows the three walking through the pedestrians crossing in Taipei. (Courtesy of Nial Stewart)

Last but not least, Reddit user u/subscatter has successfully captured the beauty of neon-lit lights at a Taipei intersection from a private residence near Taipei Station, capturing the unique charm of the city.  

This photo has won praise on social media for bringing back foreigners’ fond memories of Taiwan’s unique cityscape. 

The photographer captures the neon-lit cross streets and low rooftops of Taipei from a private residence near the main station. (Courtesy of @yu/subscatter/Reddit)