Fluffy 3-month-old panda cub Yuan Bao takes first steps

TAIPEI (The China Post) — Taipei Zoo (臺北市立動物園) officials unveiled on Tuesday a short video of the fluffy Panda cub Yuan Bao taking his first steps, the 100th day of her birth. 

According to “Giant Panda Second Cub’s Journal,” the cub, which weighs 6,063 grams, has been trying its best to stand on its paws since Monday.

A screengrab from Taipei Zoo’s Giant Panda Second Cub shows Yuan Bao. (Taipei Zoo/YouTube)

Although the cub currently lacks strength, its determination to walk shines through as it tries to use its head to balance its body.

After a few tries, the pooped out panda fell asleep.

The video also featured a family moment when the cub was reunited with its mother, Yuan Yuan, and attempted to show her its new moves.

However, Yuan Yuan seemed to be more interested in the bamboo strips in front of her and failed to acknowledge her cub’s endeavors, to the delight of many social media users.

Yuan Yuan seems to be more interested in bamboo strips than her panda cub. (Screengrab from “Giant Panda Second Cub’s Journal/YouTube)