Dotting the Milky Way with Guangzhou’s dairy desserts

TAIPEI (The China Post) — Qin Fang Yuan is a quaint dessert shop for dairy enthusiasts.

Located in Shawan of Guangzhou, mainland China, Qin Fang Yuan captures the essence of the town’s well-known water buffalo milk in signature desserts.

Most notably, ginger milk curd is created from heating milk to 70-80 degrees Celcius, before pouring it into freshly squeezed ginger juice.

After 2-3 minutes, the milk will curdle to form this beloved dessert.

Another popular dish is milk fudge, a traditional dessert that used to be melted to make “milk” when real milk was unavailable.

In the olden days when few people were wealthy and milk was not nearly as accessible to the masses, milk fudge was seen as a proper gift.

Now, the dessert, which only requires sugar and milk, is a must-try among local customers.

Founder Zeng Huizhuang holds a steadfast commitment to the quality of her desserts.

The milk and ginger used to create each dish are heavily scrutinized and selected, as only high-quality ginger will contain the perfect starch content to curdle Shawan’s famous milk.