Social media users marvel at DIY Taiwan bubble tea plushie

Photo courtesy of @u/a215girl/Reddit and Shutterstock

TAIPEI (The China Post) — Taiwan bubble milk tea has turned heads again, though this time, the tasty drink has taken the shape of a plushie, sparking enthusiasm among the members and friends of the foreign community.

Reddit user @u/a215girl recently unveiled a hand-crafted bubble milk tea plushie, complete with black “boba” at the moment, white milk foam at the top, and even a blue straw to complete the drink.

The plushie was immediately met with enthusiastic responses from foreigners, with many asking when the plushie would be for sale, and others commenting “Shut up and just take my money!”

The plushie’s popularity also encompassed the southern hemisphere as a Reddit user from Australia began inquiring after the cute pillow, vowing to pick it up next time they’re in Taiwan should the plushie be up for sale.

In a surprising turn of events, the post even inspired a discussion thread with Asians living abroad lamenting their lack of Mandarin-speaking and reading skills, after a fan of the bubble milk tea plushie wrote “hao ke ai de zhen zhu nai cha!” (好可愛的珍珠奶茶) underneath the post.

With many commenting  “simply adorable”, “That’s so cute! And quite creative” and “Please start selling these! This looks amazing”, the plushie-creator has since expressed her intention to start making more to meet popular demand.