Picture of latest Taiwan LOFI girl in Jiufen goes viral

近日ChilledCow在官方Instagram、Twitter分享粉絲製作的「台灣版lofi girl」,在網路上引起轟動。(圖|網友@ChilledCow/Twitter)

TAIPEI (The China Post) — Many people like to listen to low fidelity (LOFI) hip hop when writing homework. The music genre has become increasingly popular in Taiwan.

LOFI hip hop, produced by ChilledCow, the leader of the French LOFI music channel, is available on YouTube 24 hours a day, with different pictures for each song.

Recently, ChilledCow shared a picture of their “Taiwanese Lofi girl” on their official Instagram and Twitter pages, attracting much attention from worldwide fans.

In the pictures coming with each LOFI hip hop song, there is always a girl holding a pen, concentrating while reading a book. The backgrounds of the picture will change in accordance with different soundtracks.  

The official release of the Taiwanese version, created by Instagram user @ameily_with_an_a, is set in Jiufen. 

The picture shows a girl in a cheongsam studying under a lantern, and the scenery outside the window seems like the historical buildings in Jiufen. 

The picture is full of oriental elements, such as the brush in the girl’s hand, Chinese brush painting of peony, the lanterns, the teapot, and more. 

ChilledCow thanked the fans for sharing the fantastic work and said that it’s great to see LOFI Girl being shown in different cultures and locations. 

LOFI is a music or production quality in which elements usually regarded as imperfections of a recording or performance are audible.