Eddie Huang to close famous Pork Belly Bun eatery in NYC

Eddie Huang, left, and the Baohaus restaurant in NYC are featured in this collage photo. (Photo courtesy of @baohausnyc (left) and @mreddiehuang (right)/Instagram)

TAIPEI (The China Post) — Taiwanese-American chef Eddie Huang has announced the closure of “Baohaus,” his famous Pork Belly Bun (Gua Bao, 刈包) restaurant in New York City, following tough times amid the pandemic. 

The 38-year-old author and chef was the inspiration for the hit TV show “Fresh Off the Boat” about the journey of an Asian-American in the U.S.

Huang made the announcement on Instagram Tuesday, thanking his team for putting the light on at Baohaus one last time.

Huang wrote: “We held out as long as we could, but we have decided to close. Shouts to the customers that ran in thinking we were open, it means a lot.”

Baohaus was famous for its Gua Baos. (Photo courtesy of @baohausnyc/Instagram)

He added that the 10 years running the restaurant had been very fulfilling, before paying tribute to his family’s story that “gave Asian-Americans a chance in TV, film, books, or media generally.”

Huang then vowed to his 382k followers that Baohaus would be back one day and thanked his team and brother, Evan Huang, who opened the restaurant with him.

According to their Website, the Huang brothers decided to open a Taiwanese-Chinese food restaurant to share their homestyle cooking instead of staying in their family’s steakhouse business in Florida.

The brothers’ restaurant also became “a mouthpiece for the social, cultural, and political issues they cared about,” as they have undertaken numerous projects since 2009, including feeding over 200 homeless people in Orlando, Florida.

Eddie Huang is portrayed by Hudson Yang (left). The picture on the right shows Eddie Huang and Hudson Yang at a panel discussing “Fresh Off the Boat”. (Photos courtesy of @freshofftheboatabc and @mreddiehuang/Instagram