James Mao names son ‘Noah Godfrey Mao’ in memory of pal

James Mao's newborn son (right) is named after Godfrey Gao (left). (Courtesy of Jetstar and James Mao/Facebook)

TAIPEI (The China Post) — Taiwan’s celebrity basketball player James Mao (毛加恩) announced on Wednesday the birth of the son “Noah Godfrey Mao” whose name was inspired by his beloved friend Godfrey Gao (高以翔).  

In the Facebook post, Mao, who married noted stylist Tiffany Lo (羅雯) last November, said that his wife can finally have a good rest as their healthy baby child was just born. 

Tiffany Lo (left) and James Mao married in November 2019. (Courtesy of James Mao/Instagram)

The kid’s Chinese name is Mao Yi-no (毛以諾) in which the Chinese word “Yi” (以) hints at Taiwanese-Canadian model and actor Godfrey Gao who suddenly passed away last year.

Their son’s English name, Noah Godfrey Mao, also has a special meaning, according to Mao who explained that “the story of the rainbow appearing in the Bible is a representation of God’s covenant with Noah.”

Mao (left) and Gao were very close friends. (Courtesy of James Mao/Facebook)

Regarding the child’s middle name, “Godfrey,” Mao thanked “Auntie Tina and Uncle Rick for allowing us to use the G’s as our middle name,” stressing that it was the “most meaningful and honorable thing for us to do.” 

James Mao’s Facebook post (Courtesy of James Mao/Facebook)