Taiwanese mom wins praise for communication book doodles

The talented mother's doodles were posted to a Facebook group. (Photo courtesy of 爆廢公社/Facebook)

TAIPEI (The China Post) —A big part of being a parent in Taiwan with children in elementary school is checking your child’s academic performance and communicating with teachers through “communication books.” 

As you need to sign underneath your kid’s day’s to-do list of homework, one mother has received praise online for using a creative way to interact with teachers: doodles. 

The doodles include characters from TV shows and movies. (Photo courtesy of 爆廢公社/Facebook)

The mother posted in a Facebook group her doodle signatures of the past 17 days, which she completed with a regular blue pen. 

Each doodle translates the mother’s feeling with a smile. (Photo courtesy of 爆廢公社/Facebook)

Among the 40 or so different pictures shared, the talented mom drew characters from cartoons and movies, including Pikachu, Detective Conan, Crayon Shin-chan, Iron man and Doraemon. 

The young mom shared about 40 doodles with counterparts on Facebook. (Photo courtesy of 爆廢公社/Facebook)

The lively drawings garnered the attention of social media users with many praising her talent and encouraging her to do more. 

Others also commended the mother for creating this “anti-forging” signature.