Akira thanks fans for supporting Lin Chi-ling’s charity calendar

TAIPEI (The China Post) — In response to soaring demand for its new calendar, the Chiling Charity Foundation (志玲姊姊慈善基金會) released on Sunday a new video in which Akira thanked friends for supporting the charity work of his wife Lin Chi-ling (林志玲). 

“I am Akira, I hope you will support the 2021 Chiling Charity Calendar, and I hope you will be safe and healthy in 2021,” the member of J-pop band Exile said in fluent Mandarin. 

AKIRA (left) is supporting Lin Chi-ling’s charity calendar. (Courtesy of Chiling Charity Foundation)

The charity established by the 44-year-old model announced new desktop and wall calendars for 2021 on Sept. 7, to thank those who have supported the charity over the years.

The charity launched its first calendar featuring Lin and Akira. (Courtesy of Chiling Charity Foundation)

Each calendar, priced at NT$520 (US$18.14), comes with a limited-edition floral face mask.  

Behind every mask is a smile, so that we can still find opportunities to stand out and create a beautiful life in 2020 this tough year, Lin explained.  

The charity calendar comes with a special face mask and mask holder. (Courtesy of Chiling Charity Foundation)

Since its inception in 2011, the Chiling Charity Foundation has helped tens of thousands of children, with an average annual cumulative donation of NT$10 million (US$3480,00).