Holger Chen laments at muscle mass loss following injury

Photo courtesy of 飆捍/Facebook

TAIPEI (The China Post) — Internet celebrity Holger Chen took to Facebook on Monday to lament his loss of muscle-mass following the shooting incident on Aug. 28.

In a video filmed at his training center, Chen unveiled that the incident has left a mark on him as he often experiences traumatic flashbacks.

Chen was shot twice on Aug. 28. (Photo courtesy of 飆捍/Facebook)

While recovering from his injury, Chen also realized that the wounds have taken a toll on his work-out sessions, forcing him to cut back on a few reps.

“Looking at all the equipment and being unable to do certain exercises, like squat…I’m really upset,” Chen said.

Yet, he believes that this may be God’s way of testing him and challenging him for the better, he added.

Chen promised to continue working out. (Photo courtesy of 飆捍/Facebook)

Chen also assured fans that he won’t give up and promised to do his first deep-squat within 6 months.