40-year-old actress Ady An shows off baby bump with family photos

Ady An (left) is expecting the birth of her second child. (Courtesy of Ady An/Facebook)

TAIPEI (The China Post) — Taiwanese actress-singer Ady An (安以軒) showed off her baby bump in a series of photos on Monday, confirming the baby is due sometime in December.

The 40-year-old An said that she will make a comeback with new works soon. She added that they have no plan to have a third child.

Ady An (right), her husband and their son, 66 pose for photographs. (Courtesy of Ady An/Facebook)

“I never thought I would receive a gift from God one year at a time. I am thankful, cheerful and looking forward to it,” she wrote to Facebook.

The post was accompanied by a series of photos in which she stunned the camera with her husband Levo Chan (陳榮煉) and their son nicknamed “66.” 

Contrary to expectations, the actress didn’t unveil the gender of her second child.

Ady cut an elegant figure in front of the lens. (Courtesy of Ady An)

Ady An has not been active in the entertainment industry since she married Macau tycoon Levo Chan in 2017.

After the marriage, she moved to Macau with her husband and gave birth to their son in 2019.