Elva Hsiao’s controversial video raises mental health concerns

Elva Hsiao's poor condition has caused concern across the Internet. (Courtesy of Elva Hsiao/Instagram)

TAIPEI (The China Post) — Taiwan singer Elva Hsiao’s (蕭亞軒) distressful video in which she was sobbing in a bathrobe with her hair half wet while asking for a “keycard” has raised fans’ concerns about her mental health. 

A spokesperson explained on Monday that the controversial video released one day earlier, which has since been deleted, was meant to the 41-year-old singer’s boyfriend but was “accidentally” put online.

The singer reportedly went to the sauna alone and forgot to bring her her keycard. She, therefore, recorded a 15-second video for her partner, the spokesperson added. 

“I’m cold. Can you give me the keycard?” 

“I don’t have a keycard after taking a bath. The keycard disappears and I’m in distress,” she continued.

The video, which was uploaded on Sunday evening, has caused a lot of concern. (Courtesy of Elva Hsiao/Instagram)

This is not the first time that the singer’s fans have expressed concerns about her well-being. Last April, she posted an image of her traumatic head injury at a hospital to Instagram.

Since being signed to a record deal in 1998 after competing in a singing competition, Hsiao has gone on to release fourteen studio albums and has achieved great commercial success within the Mandopop music industry. 

Hsiao was once recognized as one of the four most popular female singers in the Chinese-speaking music scene.