Gogoro responds to rumors of impending lawsuit against LSC

Photo courtesy of Shutterstock

TAIPEI (The China Post) — Gogoro Inc (睿能創意) declined to comment on rumors that LSC Ecosystem Corporation (湛積股份有限公司) may be infringing on their battery patent, expressing its trust in the judicial system.

Still, they indicated that Gogoro is known for its innovative endeavors and will therefore do all it can to prevent anyone from damaging their intellectual property. 

The court case came about after a former engineer of Gogoro was let go and began working from LSC. Soon after, a battery of similar technical structure was developed within LSC, prompting Gogoro to suspect the ex-employee of selling out trade secrets.

The legal team for LSC has since responded to the lawsuit, stating that the plaintiff company (Gogoro) lacked “reasonable confidentiality measures” and countered that the original confidentiality contract signed between the former employee and Gogoro was too broad.

As of press time, LSC assured the public that it is business as usual, and they trust the judicial system to clear the company’s name.