U.S. connoisseur praises Taiwan’s stinky tofu

Chiayi stinky tofu (left), and Keelung night market's stinky tofu (Courtesy of Christa Bark)

TAIPEI (The China Post) — A photo of stinky tofu, with endless mountains in the background, went viral on Reddit over the weekend, attracting many users who shared their impressions of Taiwan’s stinky tofu. 

Alongside the photo, the user wrote, “I love stinky tofu.” 

From this simple sentence, one could feel his deep love for the classic Taiwanese food.

In an interview with The China Post, Christa Barker, a 33-year-old from the U.S. said that the photo was taken at “Yulao Lookout” in Jianshi, Hsinchu County. 

Christa has been in Taiwan for four years and she is currently living in Zhubei.

She explained how she went to Yu Lao Stinky Tofu, the highest stinky tofu vendor in Taiwan, located at an altitude of 1,450 meters above sea level, on the road leading to Smangus.

I Love Stinky Tofu from taiwan

Although stinky tofu is one of Taiwan’s most famous street foods, many foreigners are equally scared of its smell. 

For Barker, however, fried stinky tofu is more than just a delicacy; it forms a deeper connection between her and the land. 

“Stinky Tofu is my favorite Taiwanese food. I stop and get it anytime I see (or smell) it.”

As a fan of stinky tofu, she highly recommended the restaurant called “Family Pizza” near the Hsinchu HSR which sells “stinky tofu pizza.”

“Family Pizza” sells Stinky Tofu pizza (Courtesy of Family Pizza/Facebook)

This summer, Barter went on a road trip with her friend Shamir and they decided to eat stinky tofu every time they found it. 

The two ended up eating it six times in two weeks. 

Barker didn’t start out loving this smelly food. Recalling the first time she tried white stinky tofu on a stick, she said she didn’t like it. 

It wasn’t until a year later that a friend convinced her to try fried stinky tofu, and she has since fallen in love with it. 

Taroko stinky tofu (left) and Keelung’s tofu. (Courtesy of Christa Barker)

Barker still remembered that in Keelung this old man was pushing a cart with a speaker saying “choooo dooo fuuuu.” 

Any time when she heard it, she would stop to buy stinky tofu, and this is one of her fondest memories of Keelung. 

Barker’s favorite stinky tofu in Keelung. (Courtesy of Christa Barker)