Taiwan social media users shocked at chicken soup recipe with a twist

Photo courtesy of 全聯消費經驗老實說/Facebook Group

TAIPEI (The China Post) — Many homemakers in Taiwan are preparing to cook chicken soup for their family and friends as the weather gets cooler.

With this observation in mind, a social media user recently unveiled on Facebook a “Silkie Chicken Soup Cooking Kit” whose main ingredient — a crocodile head — shocked many social media users.

One of them said: “That [the soup] may be a bit too rich!”

The photos posted on the Facebook group “PX Mart Consumer Experience-Honestly Speaking,” also included a caption complimenting the supermarket’s “Silkie Chicken Soup Kit” which is not only sweet but can also be used for stewing chicken or “fish” soups.

The catch was that the “fish soup,” as this social media user called it, is quite different from what people expect — a huge crocodile head, so large that it barely fits in the pot.

The huge crocodile head barely fits into the pot. (Photo courtesy of 全聯消費經驗老實說/Facebook Group)

The social media user explained that the “fish head” (a crocodile head actually) was some leftover from the Harvest Festival he cooked according to his recipe.

“After brushing the crocodile’s teeth and cleaning its head, put it in a big pot and boil it for a while, then clean it again,” he explained.

“After that, put the Silkie Chicken Soup Kit into the pot, add rice wine and turn down the heat. Let the fish head boil for 30 minutes, and then add the chicken.

The crocodile head also needs to have its teeth brushed before boiling. (Photo courtesy of 全聯消費經驗老實說/Facebook Group)

The post soon attracted a lot of discussions, with many people being shocked by it and saying, “My dinner seems so weak after seeing this.”

“This fish head is too graphic! I thought it was a dinosaur,” another one said. “You really know how to treat yourself,” and “Is it really good? I imagine crocodile meat would be very tough.”