Chinese opera preserves costume-making traditions

TAIPEI (The China Post) — Traditional Cantonese plays would be incomplete without exquisite costumes on display.

With heavily embroidered designs fitted from over 50 meters of cloth embellished with sequins, beads, and lights, these costumes require a painstaking 8,000 hours to complete. 

Costume designers in Guangzhou offer a state of the art service that caters to modern opera demands. They specialize in tailor-made costumes that will “perfectly match your figure.”

In recent years, opera enthusiasts have raised expectations for opera performances and production designs as high-quality smartphone pictures have become a new tool for scrutiny. 

These high-quality costumes are integral to the opera storyline and its revolving characters.

Color and patterns on these designs are indications of social status and a character’s personality. Most notably, red, yellow, dragons, and phoenixes are symbolic of royal identity.

The demand for these costumes remains high as customers from across Asia believe that well-made costumes enhance the quality of performances.