Foreigners bewildered by Taiwan first pitch-black bookstore

The Wuguan Bookstore in Kaohsiung. (Photo courtesy of @u/JoeyKaotykGWC)

TAIPEI (The China Post) — Bookstores often evoke a sense of peace and quietness where book-lovers can freely roam between shelves. Would the same be true in a pitch-black bookstore though?

A recent post on Reddit shows a Taiwan bookstore immersed in the darkness where lights only illuminate books, tables and other merchandise, leaving many foreigners bewildered.

The Wuguan Bookstore in Kaohsiung. (Photo courtesy of @u/JoeyKaotykGWC

The dimly lit picture evoked numerous responses from the members and friends of the foreign community who questioned the bookstore’s real intentions, with one commenting “It’s all fun and games until someone falls over and slams their face on the table.”

The bookstore is actually the “Wuguan Bookstore” (無關實驗書店) located at Pier 2 in Kaohsiung.

In fact, the reasoning behind the pitch-black bookstore lies in the owner’s goal of letting readers focus on the books and forget about their surroundings.

Photo courtesy of 無關實驗書店/Facebook

According to various media reports, the concept behind the store is for customers to remember their childhood, when there was a book that they just couldn’t put down.

If parents turned off the lights, most kids would duck under their bedsheets and shine a flashlight to continue reading. With this observation in mind, a similar “ambiance” was replicated in the Wuguan Bookstore.

The bookstore has since received much attention among the foreign community with many promising to go soak in the eclectic bookstore as soon as they get the chance. 

The exterior of the Wuguan Bookstore. (Photo courtesy of 無關實驗書店/Facebook)