YouTuber Nial Stewart unveils top 5 Xiaolongbao eateries in Taipei

TAIPEI (The China Post) — American influencer Nial Stewart, nicknamed Cream (His name sounds like cream in Chinese), was a Chinese translator and teacher before moving to Taiwan in 2016.

Now, he is not only a regular guest of a TV show and a professional translator but also a YouTuber promoting Taiwan’s culture, tourism and foods.

American influencer Nial Stewart (Courtesy of Nial Stewart)

Nial Stewart and his Taiwanese partner Jane are so passionate about xiaolongbao, steam dumplings, that they made a special video about eating at six famous xiaolongbao restaurants in Taipei. 

They have ranked the top five Xiaolongbao restaurants and giving the reasons why they like it. What is the difference in the rankings of an American and Taiwanese? Let’s find out! 

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