Foreigners in Taiwan join hands to locate rightful U.S. ballot recipient

A social media has asked for help to locate a U.S. citizen whose ballot was mailed to an incorrect address in Taiwan. (Photo courtesy of @u/jimmyneutch/Reddi)

TAIPEI (The China Post) — Foreigners in Taiwan have come together to ensure that a U.S. national gets his voting ballot on time before the Nov. 3 presidential election. 

With only 15 days left, American voters have been scrambling to complete their early-votings and send their mail-in ballots back home.

Time is running out for overseas voters, however, as ballots need to be sent back as earlier as possible. Against this backdrop, a foreigner in Taiwan posted a picture on Oct. 16 on Reddit, asking for help to find the rightful owner of a ballot she received by accident.

Without much ado, members and friends of the foreign community have made suggestions to resolve the issue. According to social media user @u/jimmyneutch Kyle Pan’s ballot was mistakenly sent to her apartment. 

She explained that after checking her mail in the morning, she discovered the error and asked around the building, but no one appeared to go by that name.

As she doesn’t have Facebook, she has been unable to search for the guy, and revealed that the guy’s “full name is Kyle Shiue but could also be going by the name Kyle Pan.”

A Reddit user posted a message online in hopes of locating Kyle Pan before the election. (Photo courtesy of @u/jimmyneutch/Reddit)

Many Reddit users have already posted the information on multiple Facebook groups, while others suggested emailing the LA county clerk’s office directly to get personal information to contact the person.

Time is of the essence, as another social media user cautioned that having recently completed their ballot and mailed it from Taiwan to the U.S., they only received confirmation from the County Register of Voters 9 days afterward.



If you have any information regarding Kyle Pan, please contact The China Post.