President Tsai thrilled at postcard from Taiwanese man in Antarctica

Tsai Ing-wen shared on Instagram, a postcard she received from Antarctica. (Photos courtesy of Tsai Ing-wen Instagram and Facebook)

TAIPEI (The China Post) — Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen (蔡英文) shared a postcard from Antarctica on her Instagram account late Tuesday, saying with a smile: “There are Taiwanese all over the world.” 

According to Tsai’s post, the postcard was a greeting from an assistant professor at the Department of Space Science and Engineering at National Central University. 

The postcard showed a man wearing sunglasses and covered in heavy clothing with words “MEN’S WEAR, WINTER, EVENINGWEAR, SUMMER, LADIES’FASHION“ written underneath, likely indicating that everyone wears similar clothing all-year-round in Antarctica. 

The postcard features a man wearing sunglasses and covered in heavy clothing. (Photo courtesy of Tsai Ing-wen/Instagram)

The postcard apparently made the President’s day as she revealed her happiness at receiving the postcard, indicating that there are Taiwanese people in all parts of the world.

Tsai thanked the assistant professor for the thoughtful gesture and shared with her followers that the card was actually dated in August, which means it took two months for the card to be successfully delivered to Taiwan.

The Instagram post immediately received positive responses from social media users, and many commenced below, “Even though it’s from Antarctica (cold), the card is full of warmth!” Another person said, “It’s just a small postcard, and yet it touched millions of Taiwanese hearts,” and “It’s such a nice gesture during these tough times.”