Holger Chen asks for ‘likes’ in support of CTi News shut-down

Holger Chen's post immediately resonated with 180,000 fans. (Photos courtesy of NOWnews and Holger Chen/Facebook)

TAIPEI (The China Post) — Holger Chen lashed out at CTi News (中天新聞台) on Monday, asking for his supporters to ‘like’ his latest Facebook video in a show of support for the eventual closing of the said TV station.

Chen’s statement came in response to another Facebook post made by Taipei City Councilor Lo Chih-chiang (羅智強) a week earlier in which he called to protect Taiwan’s “democracy” and “press freedom” amid reports that the main opposition media is poised to be shut down before year end.  

Taiwan Premier Su Tseng-chang (蘇貞昌) has since replied that the Executive Yuan would not be involved in any way of determining CTi News’ license extension and assured the public that the decision will be made by the National Communications Commission (NCC, 國家通訊傳播委員會).

Over the past two days, Chen’s post has received more than 180,000 likes.

Many comments below the post to indicate their support for Chen’s statement regarding the future of CTi News.