Social media users marvel at Taiwanese elderly people healthy lifestyle

“To move is to live. To live is to move,” is the motto of many senior citizens. (Shutterstock)

TAIPEI (The China Post) — “To move is to live. To live is to move,” is the motto of many senior citizens who are often more active than most office workers.

A social media user, who shared on the forum Reddit his experience of being passed by an elderly person while climbing Xiangshan in Taiwan, has learned such an important lesson. 

The post has caught the attention of other users who also shared their experience of witnessing the endless energy of Taiwan’s elderly. 

Alongside a photo of Taipei’s night view taken from Xiangshan, the user wrote “I remember my trip to Taipei as a dream … barely making it up the Xiangshan while elderly people were energetically passing me by.” 

A photo of Taipei’s night view taken from Xiangshan. (Courtesy of u/colipro/Reddit)

The post triggered a heated discussion among users, who gave examples to prove that the strength and vitality of Taiwan’s gray hair population should never be underestimated.

“This is just me speculating but I think it’s to do with their generation being so much poorer,” one wrote. “Chances are high that you made a living off the physicality of your body, (farming and laboring) and you know that if you gave out you could be screwed.” 

Another user from Romania said that one day when he strolled through the city streets between 5 and 6 a.m., he found elderly jogging and enjoying themselves with friends. 

In Romania, all 65 to 70-year-old people are usually suffering from illnesses and have little or no recreational sports, the user continued.   

In comparison, it’s amazing seeing that there are other ways to grow old, I wish our elders could be the same, the user wrote.  

Few users are sharing their experiences of moving to Taiwan. One commented: “The first time I moved in Taiwan they sent one old guy.”  

“I was telling him that it’s too much, I’d help, but he didn’t even wait for me to finish my sentence, carried a fridge-sized basket down a couple of flights like it was nothing.”

The other laughingly said that seeing a 70-year-old grandpa chugging a Taiwan Beer jogging up the hill is a typical scene.