Fans thank Alien Huang’s sister for childhood photo, sharing memories

Alien Huang and Huang Ting-ting's childhood photo revealed. (Courtesy of

TAIPEI (The China Post) — Huang Ting-ting (黃婷婷), sister of Alien Huang (黃鴻升) posted a photo of herself and brother to Instagram on Tuesday, sharing a heartwarming story from childhood. 

Alien, who is sitting next to her younger sister, smiles at the camera with bangs, chubby cheeks, in a tank top. The photo prompted the sister of the 36-year-old singer to recall how Alien asked her to help him get the remote control. She refused, saying “No, why can’t you do it yourself!” 

Her brother urged, “Come on! You’re closer to the remote control!” Ting-ting, who was ordered by her brother, got up and walked away. After that, she still didn’t want to help her brother, saying “Now you are closer to the remote control! Get it yourself!”  

The collage shows Huang Ting-ting (right) and Alien Huang. (Courtesy of Alien Huang/Huang Ting-ting/Instagram&Facebook)

“When I think about it now, I can’t help laughing,” she wrote when reminiscing about their childhood. In response to the warm post, some thanked Ting-ting for sharing Alien’s story because it’s not easy while others commented that they can imagine the tone of Alien’s voice.