Taiwan food deliverer uses megaphone to locate customer

The delivery man shocked onlookers by whipping out a megaphone to locate his customer. (Photo courtesy of 《爆料公社》/ Facebook)

TAIPEI (The China Post) — Ordering food online has become as easy as pressing a few keys on one’s phone, resulting in Taiwan’s food-delivery service becoming a big hit in recent years.

Some customers, however, fail to show up or pick up their phones on time, putting the delivery man in an awkward position.

A recent picture of a Taiwanese food deliverer using a megaphone to locate a student, who ordered a meal but failed to show up at the school gate, went viral online.

According to the Facebook post where the picture was published, a Food Panda delivery rider stood in front of the school gates and was quoted as shouting: “Panda call! Panda call! Is there a student surnamed Liu around? Your meal is here! If you have your phone with you, please respond. I couldn’t reach you earlier.”

Following the dramatic announcement, the crowd subsequently burst out laughing. 

The dedicated delivery person was photographed trying to locate his customer with a megaphone. (Photo courtesy of 《爆料公社》/ Facebook)

The social media user who posted the photo added that the student must have been really embarrassed as a result, and speculated that he might eventually give the delivery man a bad rating.

Others, on the other hand, argued that the man was actually very sweet and tied to make sure the student got his meal. If he didn’t pick up his order, the meal would ultimately be left to the delivery man’s own account.

Many saw the funny side of the situation and commented below the post, “The student probably couldn’t pick up his phone for fear of it being confiscated,” “This delivery man came prepared! He probably encountered similar situations before,” and “This man is a pro! He even brought his own megaphone!”