Taiwan expats butt heads over best egg pancakes

Ben Goren argued that "Soft Power" has the best egg pancakes in Taiwan. (Photos courtesy of Ben Goren/Twitter)

TAIPEI (The China Post) — Taiwan is probably best known across the globe for its “soft power,” enticing many foreigners to fall in love with the local culture, art, people and foods. 

Against this backdrop, a British man recently declared his love for Taiwan’s “soft power,” but this time, it was actually in reference to a particular egg pancake store in Taipei.

Named “Soft Power” (軟食力) but with a pun indicating “food” in its title, the little restaurant has immediately captured the heart of Ben Goren.

Deeming “Soft Power” for having “arguably the best egg pancake (蛋餅) in Taiwan”, Goren’s tweet incidentally evoked a firm rebuttal from Bloomberg Taipei Bureau Chief, Samson Ellis.

Under Goren’s tweet, Ellis jokingly responded, “I regard this tweet as a declaration of war” while adding that “Xi Ke Lai Breakfast Restaurant” is the one worthy of the title with “best egg pancake in Taiwan”.

Many also commented on this topic, listing their own No. 1 egg pancakes in Taiwan, including a brand designer from Canada enthusiastically suggesting “Egg a moment” (蛋幾ㄌㄟˇ) near Shida Night Market.

Ultimately, Goren “conceded’ to Ellis and replied, I respectfully request the “Samson” authorities de-escalate tensions, build bridges towards a win-win solution, and recognize that cross-egg pancake (蛋餅) security & harmony can only be achieved by accepting the historical inevitability of Soft Power’s unification of the Greater egg pancake (蛋餅) nation.”