Designer Angus Chiang wins praise for gender-neutral collection

"Project Uni-Form" is the latest brainchild of Taiwanese designer, Angus Chiang. (Photo courtesy of @project_uni_form/Instagram)

TAIPEI (The China Post) — Taiwan is a bastion for LGBT rights in East Asia as demonstrated again in the brilliant work of Taiwanese designer Angus Chiang who has received international praise for his newly launched gender-neutral school uniform collection earlier this month. 

The inspiring project, called “Uni-Form” (無限制服), is a collaboration between the designer, advertising giant Ogilvy and media group Conde Nast, according to reports. 

Chiang released a statement following the launch of the 11-piece collection, explaining that the design was created with one goal in mind: “gender neutrality.”

Models are pictured wearing gender-neutral looks. (Screengrab from Project Uni-Form/YouTube)

Chiang reportedly wanted his collection to have the potential to be transformed into any style that the wearer felt most comfortable with, and do away with the usual strict regulations of traditional school uniforms.

An idea that appeared to strike exactly the right note in Taiwan.

A spokesman from Ogilvy revealed that the uniforms have already generated interest among schools in the country. 

The spokesperson told foreign media: “We’ve had about 70 schools throughout Taiwan contact us for further design of their customized gender-neutral uniform and we’re hoping to get more so we can further reach into the campuses.”

Models pose for “Project Uni-Form”, designed by, Angus Chiang. (Photo courtesy of @project_uni_form/Instagram)

This isn’t the first time schools have actively reached out to become more encouraging of students’ self-expression and promote gender equality as the New Taipei Municipal Banqiao Senior High School had earlier given approval for boys and men to wear skirts to school last year.

“We hope to better society with Project Uni-form’s support in joining the conversation so each one of us can confidently be proud of who we are and express their true self comfortably.” Ogilvy Taiwan said in a statement.

The collection includes many garments made of loose-fitting pieces in white, orange and blue, but remained true to the traditional pleated skirts of old-school uniforms.

Photos courtesy of @project_uni_form/Instagram