Qun Qun shows dramatic weight loss since Alien Huang’s passing

Qun Qun, secret girlfriend of Alien Huang posted a photo of herself weightlifting. (Courtesy of Qun Qun/Facebook)

TAIPEI (The China Post) — Taiwanese cheerleader Wu Han-qun (吳函峮), better known as Qun Qun (峮峮), posted a photo of her workout on Sunday, showing her dramatic weight loss one month after Alien Huang’s (黃鴻升) tragic passing.    

In the Facebook post, the 30-year-old cheerleader was weightlifting in a local gym with her hair tied in a ponytail while wearing a tank top and workout leggings.   

Qun Qun used to be fit but now she gets thinner. (Courtesy of Qun Qun/Facebook)

“It’s been so long since last time I came here,” she wrote. 

Compared to the pictures posted before her secret boyfriend’s death, her arms and legs are much thinner, and her jawline is sharper, drawing fans’ concern over her well-being.   

Responding to the post, many reminded her to take care of herself.

One wrote: “You are too skinny, eat up!” while another said, ” You’ve lost a lot of weight.”

Qun looks thinner in her recent workout photo. (Courtesy of Qun Qun/Facebook)