Demand for sex toys surges among young Chinese people

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TAIPEI (The China Post) — Amid the coronavirus outbreak, many couples have been separated by border control and social distance.

With the implementation of social distance policies and women’s growing openness towards sex, sales of sex toys in China have surged. 

According to Chinese research firm iiMedia, China’s nascent sex toy market is valued at over 100 billion yuan (US$14.7 billion), mainly driven by female and millennial consumers. 

In addition, searching for the keyword “sex toys” has surged on the search engine Baidu from January to June this year, according to Shanghai-based research firm Daxue Consulting. 

Thanks to the social distance policy, demand for sex toys has soared over the past months.

Besides, the rising demand is also attributed to the increasingly open attitude of the younger generation towards sex toys.

The Agence France-Presse reported that China is more commonly associated with conservative public attitudes to sex — pornography is banned and authorities have launched periodic crackdowns on “vulgar” online content. 

Meanwhile, the Chinese government continues to promote a “righteous” online environment and traditional family values in order to revitalize the birth rate. 

However, even if the government steps up efforts to promote the traditional value of marriage, it still cannot change the trend of changing societal values.

China’s divorce rate hit a record high of 3.1 million in the first nine months of 2019, and these young single women in their 30s and below reportedly turned to sex toys to satisfy their biological needs.

China is the world’s largest exporter of sex toys, accounting for 70 percent of the world’s exports, with the largest exporters being France, Italy and the United States.

Although China’s domestic sales of sex products is still not comparable to western countries and Japan, we can still see that the country’s domestic market is slowly emerging and should not be neglected, analysts said.