What to expect at Taiwan convenience stores?

There are often long queues in convenience stores as people rush to squeeze in many errands in one go. (Shutterstock)

TAIPEI (The China Post) — First-time visitors to Taiwan are often in awe at the island’s convenience stores, where one can get fresh food and coffee, pay phone bills, and even mail and receive packages. 

As convenience stores have become even more “convenient” over the years, sometimes you may find yourself stuck behind someone in the queue as he or she needs help to finish several errands at once.

To sum up his experience in a Taiwan convenience store, a foreigner thoughtfully posted a funny collage of the “person in front of you at Family Mart starter pack”.

Person in front of you at Family Mart starter pack from taiwan


The collage featured a cup of coffee, a bill due to be paid, a pack of cigarettes, coupons to be exchanged for goods, packages and microwave for refrigerated foods.

The post immediately resonated well with other social media users, with some pointing out that a scooter helmet should be included in the list as most people would rush into stores without bothering to taking off their helmets. 

Another added that more compliments should be paid to the store clerks, who “pretty much do everything but walk your dogs.”

One social media user also chimed in, saying that his local convenience store always prepares his coffee when they see him enter the store; that way, by the time it’s his turn at the counter, he can just grab the coffee, pay then go, saving both of them time. 

The discussion showed how lucky Taiwanese are to live in such a convenient place, and one foreigner who apparently has already left the island, lamented, “Man, I really miss Taiwan convenience stores.”