Fish lovers marvel at Taiwan’s ‘Guppy Beauty Contest’

A school of guppies. (Shutterstock)

TAIPEI (The China Post) — As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to rage worldwide, countries have seen too many cancellations of gatherings and events. Against this backdrop, some foreign residents in Taiwan were shocked to find the annual “Guppy Beauty Competition” swiftly unfolded in Taiwan, creating an ironic scene for the global community.

A Japanese social media user posted on his Twitter account two pictures of Taiwan’s little known “Guppy Beauty Competition” which took place on Oct. 24-25.

The social media user apparently found the event hilarious, as he commented: “World: *suffers from covid*, Taiwanese: LOOK AT MY GUPPIES.”

The “Guppy Beauty Competition” was held in Taiwan amid the pandemic. (Photos courtesy of @Nacherlzl/Twitter)

The comment seemingly indicated Taiwan’s relative success in curbing the pandemic; thus, allowing local organizers to hold various competitions and events as scheduled.

Others also smiled at the original tweet with one commenting, “nice guppies right there.”

This year’s event marks the 15th annual Guppy Beauty Competition, and contestants could even enter for free if they offer to donate their fish to the association after the competition.

Those who didn’t wish to part with their fish need to enter a NT$500 fee to compete, and need to select a category for their fish, including the bi-color group, mosaic group, albino pattern group, solid color group and many more.

Winners received NT$5,000 for first place, NT$2,500 for second and NT$1,500 for third.

According to the Taiwan Guppy Popularize Association website, the competition is held every year to showcase the fish’s beauty while also recognizing the owners hard work of taking care of the little aquatic animals.