Recipe of Taiwanese ‘soufflé pancakes’ goes viral

Foreigners were immediately fascinated by soufflé pancakes. (Screengrab from @InsiderFood/Twitter)

TAIPEI (The China Post) — Taiwan street food has always been a point of attraction among the members and friends of the foreign community and now, another “night market delicacy” has once again, become the greatest ambassador of Taiwan.

A recent tweet captioned “Taiwan’s fluffiest pancakes” went viral online, where it showed a compilation of different accounts filming thick souffle batter being poured onto hot griddles. 

Moments later, the cook would flip the soufflé pancakes over to show a browned skin, while retaining all its fluffiness.

Different flavors can also be incorporated into the jiggly pancakes as some turn it into matcha flavored sweets, by pouring matcha flavorings over it and adding fruit on the side to make it a complete dessert.

(Screengrab from @InsiderFood/Twitter)

The video quickly started making rounds on Twitter with foreigners from all over the world commenting, “Can someone tell me or give a link so that I can make this myself?”, and “Like pancakes are Dora cakes”, referring to the famed cartoon “Doraemon”.

Others also commented that the pancakes looked incredibly yummy, and an enthusiastic social media user added: “I need to go to Taiwan now for these!”