Pilot leaves behind one-year-old daughter, wife

TAIPEI (The China Post) — The pilot of the F5-E fighter jet that crashed into the ocean near Taitung County early Thursday, Chu Kuan-meng (朱冠甍), was pronounced dead at the hospital.

Chu, who was killed in the line of duty, leaves behind a one-year-old daughter and his wife.

Following the tragedy, the members of the band in which Chu played, posted a message of condolence on their Facebook account accompanied by an all-black image.

Chu often shared pictures of his life on Instagram. (Photo courtesy of 朱冠甍/Instagram)

Chinese-language media reported that Chu, who successfully ejected from the plane, was already in OHCA (Heart and Lung Failure) condition when found.

He was eventually rushed to the Taitung Mackay Memorial Hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

Chu is pictured here strumming his guitar as a member of the “Tiger Band”. (Photo courtesy of 軍聞社)

Before his death, Chu used to share pictures of his life on his Instagram, showing his love for the sea, his pets, and especially his family, whom he frequently posted pictures of.

Chu was a member of the 7th Air Force “Tiger Band” in which he played guitar and performed regularly at social welfare organizations.

The “Tiger Band” is formed by officers and soldiers of the National Army to provide them with a way to express their feelings while undergoing rigorous combat readiness training.