台裔美籍律師苦勸母投拜登 淚訴:川普不會捍衛台灣!| Taiwanese American lawyer pleads with mother to vote against President Trump in heartfelt letter

The collage shows Margaretta Lin's mother (right) and Donald Trump. (Courtesy of Margaretta/Medium and Shutterstock)

【看CP學英文】台裔美籍律師Margaretta Lin (Lin Wan-ling)在部落格平台Medium分享一封給母親的信,內容情真意摯,旨在說服母親不要投給川普並且列出數點川普不適任美國總統的原因,從疫情控制、種族問題等等,信件一公開即引起眾多迴響。

Ahead of the 2020 election, Taiwanese American lawyer Margaretta Lin (Lin Wan-ling) shared a heartfelt letter to her mother on Medium, aiming to persuade her not to vote for U.S. President Donald Trump. 

She listed several reasons why Trump is not suited to be president of the United States, ranging from pandemic control to racial issues, and the letter was met with mixed reactions as soon as it was made public. 

10月27日, Margaretta在部落格寫下一封說服自己母親不要投給川普的雙語信件,她先是感謝母親從小到大對他無微不至的照顧,培育她成為今日的她。  

On Oct. 27, Margaretta wrote a bilingual letter on her blog to convince her mother not to vote for Trump. First, she thanked her mother for taking such good care of her from a young age and helping her to become the best she could be. 

「您總是教導我,就算現實再困難,也應該保有道德心,並做出正確的決定。」信裡寫道, Margaretta表示,也是這些母親的諄諄教誨讓她對於母親投給川普的決定感到擔憂。  

“You taught me to be an ethical person and to do the right thing even when it’s hard,” she wrote.

Margaretta pointed out that this is why she is very concerned about her mother’s potential support for President Trump.


Speaking of her mother’s reasons for supporting Trump, the author said that she finally realized why the safety of Taiwan is so important to her mother. 

The lawyer also understands why her mother vote for Trump whom she believes supports Taiwan over China.  


Margaretta confessed that she lived in Taiwan for the first years of her life and it was a distant memory. “I now understand Taiwan’s long struggle for freedom and democracy.” 


but, the lawyer wrote: “we cannot trust Donald Trump to be loyal to Taiwan and defend our beloved home country if China attempts to invade it, even with the recent U.S. arms sale to Taiwan.” 


“Because you taught me to judge people by their character and actions, not just words.”  


Margaretta pointed out that Donald Trump has gone back and forth with China, and that Trump’s past behaviors show that he only cares about himself and making money. 

然而, Margaretta表示她也不確定拜登當選是否會對台灣帶來任何好處。  

Yet, Margaretta admitted that she was also unsure whether Biden would bring any benefits to Taiwan.  


“The reality is that the U.S. government will always act in their economic, political, and national security interests, and what someone running for president says may be very different from what they actually do.”  


As a result, the author argues that her mother’s decision on the 2020 U.S. presidential election should not depend on Taiwan because no one can really predict how the two candidates will affect Taiwan.  


In the letter, she said that there has been a recent increase in attacks against Asian-Americans, for which Trump, as president, should be held accountable. 


“Every time President Trump calls COVID the “China virus” or the “Kungfu Virus,” it has incited people to attack Asian Americans,” the letter said.  


The lawyer said that the incitement of racial hatred will threaten the safety of Asian Americans if Trump is re-elected as president.  


She ended up by saying, “My dearest mother, I am asking you to please not vote for Donald Trump, it will hurt the safety and dignity of your precious children and grandchildren.” 

“Instead, please vote for Joe Biden in order to guarantee a future of inclusion and belonging for our future generations in America.”