No big change on horizon following U.S. elections: MAC

TAIPEI (The China Post) — Despite the election of U.S. President-elect Joe Biden, the structural relations between the U.S., China and Taiwan will not change, according to Mainland Affairs Council Chairman Chen Ming-tong (陳明通).

Speaking at a press conference on Monday, Chen added that Beijing’s policy toward Taiwan has always been based on unification, which will not likely change following the U.S. elections.

In the weeks prior to the U.S. election, many in Taiwan expressed worries that Biden’s close relationship with China might change the status quo.  

While giving a report on the impact of the U.S. election on cross-Strait relations at the Legislative Yuan earlier that day, Chen was asked whether China would step up its unification efforts following Biden’s election.

To this, Chen replied that “thinking in terms of the recent patterns, especially the recent actions of the Chinese Communist Party, China definitely has its own political agenda.”

In his report, Chen emphasized, “China will continue to pressure Taiwan to accept the One-China Policy framework. As China views Taiwan as the core of the U.S.-China relationship, they will continue to block U.S. involvement in the Taiwan Strait issue.”

Chen also pointed out that both the U.S. Democratic Party and the Republican Party are partners of the Taiwan government.

He added that the Tsai administration will continue to strengthen U.S.-Taiwan relations, as Washington is Taiwan’s most important ally in maintaining peace in the Taiwan Strait.

Chen also called on China to adopt a pragmatic and rational attitude, and abandon imposing a political framework on Taiwan in order to promote benign cross-strait interaction.