Where do rich people live in Taiwan?

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TAIPEI (The China Post) — Living in a luxury house is a lifelong dream for many people. 

After watching “Crazy Rich Asians,” however, a social media user recently posted a question on Reddit to other foreigners living in Taiwan, wondering where all the rich people in Taiwan live and whether there are any luxury mansions similar to those in the movie.  

The post has drawn much attention from social media users.   

“Watching Netflix now, I wonder where the richest Taiwanese families live in Taiwan, are they like the movie on Netflix?? This crazy family in Singapore? Is there any crazy big mansion in Taiwan?”  

Rich Taiwanese families from taiwan

The user explained that he was watching the romantic comedy “Crazy Rich Asians” on Netflix. The movie follows a Chinese-American professor who travels to meet her boyfriend’s family and is surprised to discover they are among the richest in Singapore.  

Responding to the post, one said that many rich people and entrepreneurs live in Zhongshan District (specifically Dazhi) and Da’an District of Taipei City.  

“Xinyi is still too new. If they live in mansions instead of luxury apartments, they are very low key,” a social media user explained.  

The foreigner who posted to Reddit in the first place responded that he feels like these places are average though.   

“Lots of English teachers living in Da-an area are not really wealthy,” he wrote, adding that the rich people are the ones who can really afford to pay for an actual house instead of luxury apartments.  

In addition, another user made a list of the top 10 luxury apartments in Taipei, most of which are located in the Daan and Xinyi districts.   

The user said that there are a lot of luxury mansions in Yangmingshan, but they are not more expensive than condominiums due to their location.  

“The rich listers don’t live there because they need to be in Taipei most of the time for meetings or traveling,” the user wrote.  

Another user said that most of the rich people live in the tall condominiums with a guard, like in a community apartment in Taipei or Hsinchu cities.  

“If you go more south, some rich people might own a house instead of condominiums because generally, the house prices are cheaper in the South,” the user explained.  

The foreigner who first posed the question was surprised by the city of “Hsinchu” because he had always thought of Hsinchu as an industrial area.    

The other user wrote: “Only Taipei really, not Taoyuan and Hsinchu. Maybe a few in Taichung and Kaohsiung.”