Discover Taichung’s #Instaworthy Art District

Being part of this art village, each store has its own number as their brand/store names. (圖/莓姬貝利食事旅行)

TAIPEI (The China Post) — Taichung is home to various cultural creative clusters. “Fantasy Story — Green Ray,” which used to be an old dormitory of the water company, is an art and cultural district in the city’s alleyway. 

Following their recent renovation, the old houses have become a place for the artists to express their creativity and still retain the old houses’ character and charm.  

Different from other cultural attractions, “Fantasy Story – Green Ray” is a village hidden in the alley instead of a park. (圖/莓姬貝利食事旅行)

The art district stretches from No. 2 to No. 26 at Zhongxing First Lane.  

There are a total of twelve old houses, which are the former dormitories of the water supply company. After walking around the aforesaid district, you can also visit the nearby popular cultural village “Shenji New Village.”  

Mini Amer., an American lifestyle store, features clothing, life groceries, collect retro aesthetics, and so on.(圖/莓姬貝利食事旅行)

The “Fantasy Story — Green Ray” project consists of three perspectives: arts, humanities and creativity.

The art village not only passes down the story of the community but also serves as a platform for artists to share and sell their creativity.

Mini Amer is a must-visit for those who love to shop in antique stores. (圖/莓姬貝利食事旅行)
Mini Amer is a must-visit for those who love to shop in antique stores. (圖/莓姬貝利食事旅行)

Being part of this art village, each store has its own number as their brand/store names.

inBloom is a Design Brand Handcrafted in Taiwan. (圖/莓姬貝利食事旅行)
“Bookstore for beginners” is an independent bookstore in Taiwan, sitting on the corner at the art district. (圖/莓姬貝利食事旅行)
In recent years, a coffee bar and outdoor seating have also been added, allowing the aroma of coffee to enter the bookstore. (圖/莓姬貝利食事旅行)
The shop has a small selection of books, mainly fiction and literature. (圖/莓姬貝利食事旅行)
The gallery “Green Light + marüte” gives viewers healing feelings. (圖/莓姬貝利食事旅行)
The galllery mainly exhibits the works of Japanese artists and serves as a base for cultural exchanges between Taiwan and Japan. (圖/莓姬貝利食事旅行)

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