Russian YouTuber unveils best snacks at Keelung Night Market

TAIPEI (The China Post) — Patrick and Lena co-run a YouTube channel, “Travel North Taiwan,” through which they document their journey around Taiwan and encounters with local people.  

Against this backdrop, Patrick from Taiwan recently brought Lena from Russia to visit the Keelung Night Market to try some delicious street foods.

Even Though Lena first said that she doesn’t like local snacks, she immediately fell in love with the traditional treats of this northern port city. 

Let’s take a look at which street food the couple would recommend!  

On her first trip to Keelung Night Market, Lena first admitted that she is not a big fan of street food because they are mostly deep-fried. Patrick took her to Keelung to change her mind.   

Their first stop was to try a bowl of crab meat thick soup. Lena shared that she comes from Vladivostok, Russia, where they serve a variety of seafood dishes and the king crab is only NT$300 per kilo.  

She found the crab meat in the soup very juicy and sweet, much better than she expected.  

The second stop was the tempura stall where they ordered tempura.  

After a few bites of the typical Japanese dish usually consisting of seafood, meat and vegetables Lena was again amazed by its chewy texture.    

“Very big pieces with cucumbers. It’s like a shrimp pancake. It’s a bit sweet and salty. It’s a really nice balance of flavors, very chewy and soft. Super good.”  

Patrick then took Lena to the next stop, where she tried a local dish called “thick flat rice noodles.” 

Lena was completely clueless when she first saw the flat rice noodles and the owner’s wife kindly introduced the dish, which is made from long rice grain milk. 

The Russian YouTuber enjoyed the soup with cilantro, and the broth came with not only cilantro but also shrimp balls, which won her hearts. 

Lena tried the peanut-flavored “pau pau ice” which was very creamy but too sweet for her.  

Check out Lena’s favorite street food in the Keelung night market!

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