CTBC Financial Holding tops Taiwan Int’l Brand Value Survey again

Innovative business processes, flexible branding, and proactive relief offerings are the keys to the company’s success

IDB chief secretary Chen Pei-li (陳佩利), left, congratulates CTBC Financial Holding Co. chief administration officer Roger Kao (高人傑) during the award ceremony. (Courtesy of CTBC Financial Holding)

With a brand value of US$549 million, CTBC Financial Holding (中國信託金融控股公司) is the number one brand in Taiwan’s financial industry.

The company won the “Best Taiwan Global Brands 2020” (2020年台灣國際品牌價值調查) at the award ceremony held on Tuesday, co-organized by the Industrial Development Bureau (IDB), Ministry of Economic Affairs and Interbrand.

“Home Run Taiwan” is a Facebook fan group established in January 2016 that promotes public welfare, environment and sports issues. (Courtesy of CTBC Financial Holding)

The company, which has ranked first in Taiwan’s financial industry for the fifth consecutive year, is the top sixth brand among Taiwan’s top 25 international brands, making it the most influential financial institution in Taiwan.

The organizers pointed out that CTBC Financial Holding is committed to expanding overseas business, accelerating digital transformation and innovation, providing relief loans to the public in the face of the epidemic, and emphasizing brand image building.

CTBC Financial Holding Co. chief administration officer Roger Kao (高人傑) holds the “Best Taiwan Global Brands 2020” Award during a ceremony held on Tuesday. (Courtesy of CTBC Financial Holding)

Through a series of brand image videos, a variety of themed contents and flexible marketing activities, CTBC Financial Holding has further conveyed the “We are family” brand spirit and enhanced the brand’s social favorability, which are the main factors that contributed to the company’s success.

Jeffrey Koo Sr (辜濂松), founder and former chairman of CTBC Financial Holding, once said “The value of a business is not to be the most profitable business, but more importantly, to contribute to society and have a positive impact on it.”

“Home Run Taiwan” recently took its fans to the beach to pull up a 100 kg abandoned fishing net buried deep in the sand for the “Sea Waste Demon King” activity. (Courtesy of CTBC Financial Holding)

CTBC Financial Holding Co. chief administration officer Roger Kao (高人傑) also remarked that the company has long been concerned about social issues in Taiwan, and this year’s brand image video was specially themed as epidemic prevention.

“Our Ordinary Home” (家‧如常) authorized by Michael Cooper, a member of the Canadian House of Commons as well as Tarō Asō (麻生太郎) and other international members, highlights Taiwan’s outstanding efforts and prevention strategies during the COVID-19 crisis.

Beyond the inclusion of international members, the film also documents local people’s daily life, asserting that “when everyone is united, there is hope.”

The film shows that despite the pandemic, most citizens are carrying on with their normal lives⁠ — students are still able to go to school and everyone is able to go to a restaurant as they please.

Also, “Home Run Taiwan,” a Facebook fan group established in January 2016, has continued to promote public welfare, environment and sports issues.

The group, which has more than 300,000 subscribers as of Nov. 11, has already released more than 200 videos over the last 5 years, including “Our Ordinary Home” which has totaled more than 4.8 million views as of Nov. 11.